Building Sustainable Tourism Worldwide!

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism

Building Sustainable Tourism Worldwide

Programme on Sustainable Tourism
of the
10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption & Production (10YFP)
Lead Actor: UNWTO
Co-Leads: Governments of France, the Kingdom of Morocco & the Republic of Korea

The 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme (STP) comprises 4 main Programme areas:

  1. Programme Area 1: Integrating sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns in tourism related policies and frameworks. The objective is to strengthen sustainable tourism policy making and to enable relevant stakeholders to plan, manage and monitor tourism in close collaboration, and in accordance with SCP principles, social equity, good governance, transparency and openness.
  2. Programme Area 2: Collaboration among stakeholders for the improvement of the tourism sector's SCP performance.  The objective is to promote linkages, synergies, collaboration and partnership as essential tenets of successful implementation, with focused leadership, cross-sectoral- and collaboration with the private sector, involvement of local communities, for support of complementary objectives, common interests, needs and opportunities for joint action.
  3. Programme Area 3: Fostering the application of guidelines, tools and technical solutions to improve, mitigate and prevent tourism impacts and to mainstream SCP patterns among tourism stakeholders.  The objective is to support research, exchange of best practices and experiences and to identify existing and effective sustainability tools as the requirements for overcoming bottlenecks for further and more effective application. A whole-of-industry approach will ensure the consideration of destination-specific priority areas and a shift among consumers from acknowledgement to action. Destinations and the private sector will actively pursue the potential of introducing key green technologies to enhance competitiveness.
  4. Enhancing sustainable tourism investment and financing.  The objective is to raise the awareness of political actors, private investors, developers and operators on the need to establish sustainable financing schemes, including through the development and adoption of (preferably mandatory) guidelines for sustainable investments in tourism (based on existing mechanisms such as the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI); and an investment-friendly macro-economic policy framework (e.g. subsidies, tax incentives) with policies and regulations that promote more resource efficient and sustainable tourism operations and performance.  Actions will also sensitize donors on the importance of securing other official flows (OOFs - in addition to Official Development Assistance - ODA) for investing in sustainable tourism.

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