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Building Sustainable Tourism Worldwide

The Green Passport Campaign

The Green Passport Campaign is a UNEP led initiative firmly rooted in the move to accelerate a global shift towards sustainable consumption and production. The Campaign builds on the need to improve the tourism sector's efforts to communicate with tourists on sustainable tourism through campaigns on sustainability issues. The intention is to unlock the positive power of demand by raising tourists' awareness of their potential to contribute to sustainable development by making responsible holiday choices. The Green Passport website has been developed in English, French, Greek, German, Portuguese. Its hardcopy version was launched in English and Spanish.

Brazil was chosen to be the first destination to implement the 'Green Passport' on the national level. Other national Green Passport travel guides have been implemented in South Africa, Costa Rica, Ecuador and French Overseas Territories. The Campaign is available for national adaptation and dissemination by new partners.

 The Green Passport was most recently implemented by Brazil to reduce the environmental impacts of the FIFA World Cup 2014. Beyond responsible tourism tips, the campaign featured the Green Passport Tours- 60 tour options at and around each one of the twelve host cities that were involved in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which encouraged travelers to choose more sustainable practices, such as public transportation and local cultural experiences. Workshops for the private sector were organized to engage hotels, bars and restaurants in eco-efficiency practices in five host cities. A Green Passport Pledge was developed under a voluntary engagement strategy, which invited the tourism sector to commit to more sustainable practices. Through the Campaign’s website tourism businesses were able to measure their sustainability performance through self-assessment checklists, and with these results identify ways in which they can become involved. Guidelines are now being prepared to help tourism businesses improve their environmental stewardship across the campaign’s 5 dimensions: energy efficiency, water management, food waste prevention and reduction, waste management and social responsibility. These dimensions have been adapted to fit the local circumstances.

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