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Pack Safari 3- and 4-day Safari & Tour Packages

Participants may now book their tour preferences directly with Pack Safari, the only Eco Awards tour operator serving the 5th International Symposium and Annual Conference.  Pack Safari is a registered Namibian inbound tour operator that arranges tours customized for individual, group and special interests. 

Registration for these tours is now available onsite in Namibia.

You may download the document file with the list of tours on offer here.

1-Day Game Drive Tours by the Namibian Ministry of Environment & Tourism

  1. 1-day tour to GocheGanas, an hour's drive from Windhoek. 'GocheGanas' is a descriptive Damara name, meaning: "Place of Camel Thorns, abounding with Candle-Pod Acacias".  As Gocheganas runs a beautiful spa too,  wellness treatments are OPTIONAL and should be arranged by participants ahead of time. The tour includes a game drive, a buffet lunch at the Lodge and some "pampering" time after the activities, so that participants may explore the offerings of the Lodge. See the price list of Wellness Treatments available at the GocheGanas Spa here.
  2. 1-day tour to N/a'an Kuse Lodge which includes full carnivore feeding tour to observe lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, baboons and caracal; lunch buffet at the main Lodge building, a tour of Ancient San skills before returning to Windhoek.  The list of activities at the Lodge is available here
Send an email to: [email protected] indicating your tour selection, with any questions you may have. This will be sent to the tour organizer for response.
Tours depart at 8:00am.  The limit for these tours is 20 participants each.
Hurry space is limited!

3. City of Windhoek Complimentary Tour, 25 February 2015: Up to 30 persons (first come first serve) will have the privilege of participating in the city tour organized by the City of Windhoek. Take advantage of this free offer to experience the historical treasures of the capital city, habitat research and development and the sustainable practices at the water treatment plant and the famous Namibian breweries. Download the brochure.  This tour departs from the Windhoek Country Club & Resort at 8:30am.

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