Building Sustainable Tourism Worldwide!

The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism

Building Sustainable Tourism Worldwide

Sustainable Tourism Projects and Proposals

The Global Partnership provides technical assistance to countries and advice to partners in the development and implementation of sustainable tourism projects. This is the core service. 

Project screening and assessment evolved from a need for a reliable, structured and accepted tool for improving project design and implementation and for monitoring real change towards sustainability at destinations. The sustainable tourism project screening criteria were therefore developed to test the sustainability of proposed project actions. They do not primarily focus on the performance of enterprises or destinations, but rather on projects and proposals – promoting sound design, implementation and monitoring.

Sustainable tourism project screening, is a service provided preferentially to our partners that screens submitted projects against criteria developed for each of the 7 priority themes screened:

  1. Policy Frameworks & Governance
  2. Climate Change
  3. Environment & Biodiversity
  4. Poverty Alleviation
  5. Cultural and Natural Heritage
  6. Private Sector Sustainability Practices
  7. Integration of Sustainability into Finance & Investment

Dowload the Sustainable Tourism Project Screening Criteria

Download the Guidance document on Project Screening

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